Wooden flask making in Pilica village, (Израда дрвених чутура у селу Пилица)

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The production of wooden flasks (čuture) on hand-made lathe, using hand-held tools, is the craft of making flasks for spirits, as well as other utility items, from maple and willow wood. The craft involves the skill of making a flask from a single piece of wood, where the basic shape and volume of the vessel are formed by chiselling it; this procedure is followed by the shaping of the sides, the neck and the feet by scraping, and the technique of gouging is used to shape the interior of the flask. The čutura is an integral part of many rituals, and it is primarily associated with wedding customs, where the family uses a specially decorated flask (buklija) when inviting guests to the wedding.

The skill of making wooden flasks, as part of traditional crafts, has been passed through generations among the members of the Radovanović family from the village of Pilica, in the municipality of Bajina Bašta in western Serbia.


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Pilica village, Bajina Bašta
Етнографска област или регион: 
Western Serbia