Coppersmith’s trade (Kaзанџијски занат)

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 Coppersmith’s trade, the production of copper vessels and other items, is one of the oldest trades that was in the past very widespread in the territory of Serbia. The trade involves manual shaping of copper products through several stages using various techniques: cutting, joining, heating, welding, forging, rivetting, soldering, repoussage, flattening, hammering, tinning. Desired shapes are cut out using tin stencils and various types of scissors that can make straight and curved curs. The use of a coppersmith’s product – the still for distilling brandy is a distinct feature of the traditional way of distilling brandy at home.

The craft of manual production of stills and copper products is practised by artisans, coppersmiths, throughout Serbia, and it is usually transferred within the family.

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Widespread in the territory of Serbia
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